Firm Profile

Adolfo Perez Architect is an award-winning architectural firm practicing in the greater Boston and New England area.  The majority of our work involves custom, contemporary, residential projects and their interiors.  For us contemporary design is less about a style and more about an attitude – an attitude that reflects the time and place in which we live and build. It is an attitude that honors the recent as well as the historical past and one that embraces technology and sophistication while acknowledging the importance and beauty of craftsmanship.

We know that every project and site brings its own particular set of concerns and conditions and that each one is unique to the client and the place. We strive to uncover and enhance these qualities so we can better integrate each house into its site and make the house a true reflection of the client’s aspirations. We believe that the details of a house should add up to more than the sum of their parts and we understand what it takes to achieve this, to design a house that is modern, built well and built to last. These values shape our thinking and in turn our thinking shapes the houses we design.